Kaneda    Löic    Gonzaga    Dré


Kaneda    Löic    Gonzaga    Dré

Antena 3
(Una cenita de 10)

Bayer (Mermaid)


BBVA (Cashback)

Land Rover (Mono)

Sitges (Satanism)

Ocean Drive

Atreseries (Policías)

La Sexta (Sabor Amar)

(Una vida extraordinaria)

Ser (Carrusel)

Kiwi is a professional collective.

We collaborate, execute and produce deliverables for every bit of the campaign cycle.

We partner with agencies, brands, creative directors and artists to develop and create content for broadcast, print, web, social, installations and events. Our work starts in the initial development phase, through treatment, production and post-production process to finishing and delivering.

And we are capable of doing it, not only in Spain and Portugal, but all over Europe.